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l.e. vander black, md

therapist and psychiatrist


Update for New Patients:

Currently I am on pause for new intakes. I will update my website when I am open for new clients. 

If you are seeking care now, I'd recommend the following resources for finding a provider:

-Inclusive Therapists (network of therapists whose care centers intersectionality)

-Psychology Today (search filter allows you to find therapists and/or psychiatrists within your insurance network)


Hello! I'm Dr. Black. I am a physician specializing in psychotherapy and medication management for adolescents, transitional age youth, and adults. My office is in South Seattle, right between Columbia City and Seward Park.

My practice focuses on psychodynamic therapy. I am bilingual and provide services in both English and Spanish. I look forward to meeting you soon!





Individual therapy in English or Spanish for adults, adolescents, and transitional age youth


Collaborative medication management that focuses on your personal goals


For established patients, please connect with me via the ChARM patient portal to schedule an appointment, request prescription refills, or ask a question.

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Do you take insurance? 

I am currently in-network for Regence, Premera, and First Choice, but please check with your specific insurance plan to confirm this. I am listed as Laura Black in insurance networks. If you have questions about billing or insurance, I am happy to connect you with my biller.

What is your approach to therapy?

Fundamentally, I see treatment as a collaboration where your goals and preferences guide what kind of therapy we do. I work with some clients who prefer a more open-ended exploratory conversation style (psychodynamic psychotherapy), and others who prefer more structured sessions focused on skills (CBT, DBT). I have a background in both and am happy to help you think through what approach would be the most helpful.

I am a general psychiatrist so I enjoy working with a variety of people and mental health conditions. I often work with LGBTQIA+ youth and patients who speak Spanish. I am actively engaged in the question of how to decolonize psychotherapy and move toward liberation-based healing. If you have any questions about my approach I am happy to discuss further.​

Don't psychiatrists prescribe medications, not do therapy?

This is a great question! All psychiatrists are trained to prescribe medication, and depending on their interests and training some psychiatrists primarily focus on therapy. I appreciate the role of medications and do prescribe them when needed, but the primary focus of my practice is therapy.

How can I make an appointment?

Established patients can request an appointment via the ChARM patient portal. I am not currently open for new intakes and do not maintain a waitlist. I will update my website when I am available for new intakes.

The first 2-3 visits are a consultation where I will focus on getting to know you and understanding the reasons you are seeking treatment. At the final consultation visit, I will share my recommendations and we will decide whether it's the right fit to continue working together, or alternatively I will provide you with a referral who better suits your needs. 


5100 South Dawson Street, #204 Seattle, WA 98118